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Posh Plus XL; The best Vapes To Try In

These disposables come fully charged right out of the box and require no maintenance or upkeep. They’re super simple to use too; just draw on their mouthpiece for a puff! These vapes have been designed with an extra-large 5ml refill that provides over 1500 puffs so you can enjoy this great price (and huge savings) long term as well as quickly.

Design & Build Quality

Even though they’re incredibly affordable, posh plus XL vapes are still packed with posh flavors. These disposables come prefilled with 6% nicotine salt liquid in either American tobacco or menthol ice flavor. Finely crafted elements include a childproof cap with hinge that keeps the vape closed when you’re not using it and an anti-leak design to keep the vapor fresh until you draw it out for a puff.

Posh Plus XL Disposable Vape Performance & Vapor Quality

The battery life of posh plus XL vapes is huge too – each unit can provide up to 300 puffs before needing a recharge. The maximum voltage output from this posh posher’s 380mAh battery is 3.4 volts and it’s equipped with posh LED lights that blink while you’re drawing on it to let you know when the liquid is heating up and ready for a puff.

According to posh, these vapes deliver a smooth and delicious throat hit each time. They also include a posh’s patented “smart” chipset which ensures they provide instant heat so there’s no waiting around before enjoying your vape!

Posish Plus XL Flavor Selection & Price

These disposables come prefilled with either American Tobacco or Menthol Ice (menthol tobacco) flavor; both are 6% nicotine salt flavors containing 5ml of ejuice per posh posher. Each posher has over 1500 puffs, so if you’re looking for posh flavors at a posh price, these pushes offer great value.

Posh Plus XL Disposable Vape Conclusion

All in all, posh plus XL disposable vapes are super simple to use and provide up to 300 puffs each time they need recharging. Their impressive battery life ensures you can enjoy them long-term without causing the added expense of regular recharges while their refill volume is so large it’s perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying solo when spending time outside the house. Best of all, these poshes come in posh poshing it forwards posher packs that let you save money when buying two units together (and who doesn’t love saving money?

Flavor & Value

Posh flavors are always great to try, and posh flavors offer posh poshing it forward posher packs so you can enjoy each flavor for longer. Posh plus XL vapes have over 1500 puffs in them per posher and a huge 300 puffs from every charge too! They’re priced at just $7.99 a posher which is a total bargain when you consider how much these disposable vapes retail for elsewhere – winning!

What makes a vape device best? 

It could be the quality of its materials, the functionality, or maybe even the flavors. There are many factors to consider; however, when it comes down to choosing one vaping device over another, you’re likely to go with what feels most comfortable in your hand and offers the best taste.

How does Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping work?  

Mouth to lung, or MTL vaping is one of the more popular methods for using an e-cigarette. It involves taking long drags of vapor into your mouth and then pushing it back out past your throat, so you can get a feel similar to smoking a cigarette. The e-liquid used should be high in PG so the throat hit feels similar to smoking. If you use an e-liquid containing higher percentages of VG, it will tend to create more vapor and reduce the impact of the nicotine, which is why PG is recommended for people using vaping devices designed for MTL vaping.

Can you use a sub-ohm vape tank for mouth to lung vaping?

If you’re looking to use a sub-ohm vaporizer for MTL vaping, it’s important that you choose an e-liquid with a higher VG content. This will help reduce the potential of any dry hits and ensure your coil lasts longer than if you were using a high PG solution. If you want to use a sub-ohm vape tank, but are concerned about whether or not it will work with MTL vaping, start off with an e-liquid that’s 50% VG and 50% PG. This will give you the best of both worlds, while making it easier to get started.

What are your favorite lung vape tanks?

If you’re a fan of MTL vaping, then the Aspire Nautilus 2 is a great choice. This tank comes with a 1.8 ohm coil head and provides excellent airflow for taking deep drags that feel just like smoking a cigarette. If you want to get even more from your vaping experience, however, you can also use a mouth to lung vape tank with the Aspire PocketX. With adjustable airflow, a 2ml e-liquid capacity and an easily refillable pod system, the Aspire PocketX is one of the best mouth to lung tanks on the market for beginners as well as those more experienced in vaping.

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