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Kris Aquino Health Update: Time is now my enemy

Kris Aquino health condition has been revealed in more detail to him.

On Friday, the actress and host posted a video of herself being swabbed inside the nose and mouth by a medical worker.

A note appears in the video about her illness, which she says was explained to her by her doctor, Dr. Ni*o Gavino, “an exceptional Filipino-American doctor based in Houston who successfully diagnosed what was truly wrong.”.

“I’ll miss you—my friends and followers, very much. Time is now my enemy. I hope there won’t be any damage to my heart’s blood vessels,” Kris wrote in her Instagram caption.


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Her note indicates that she was diagnosed with EGPA, formerly called Churg-Strauss Syndrome, or Eosinophilic Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis.

In addition to EGPA causing her asthma, weight loss, food intolerances, and fluctuating blood pressure, she was unable to travel.

Kris was treated with steroids, but she developed severe reactions to the medication, and several medications were allergic to her.

She was then recommended to undergo treatment with Nucala (Mepolizumab), a non-steroid EGPA treatment not available outside the United States, as well as Rituxan (Rituximab).

In the following nine to twelve months, we will determine if she has achieved remission and will continue the regimen.

The study also stated that with no medical intervention, the 5-year survival rate for people with EGPA is approximately 25%, while with proper treatment, it is 62%.

“Only one out of a million people contracts this form of vasculitis every year. This illustrates the rarity and difficulty in treating Ms Aquino’s condition,” it stated.

Kris also said her doctor said finding out if her treatment works would take 18-24 months.

In the present and the future, it’s goodbye for now. It is my prayer that the katawan will guide me towards this matinding pagsubok,” she said.

“Even though we are 17 hours away from each other and the Pacific Ocean separates the [Philippines] from [US], I would still like to end this with #lovelovelove.

Last month, Kris revealed she had learned she had a life-threatening illness.

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