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Ideas For Hanging A Flat Screen LCD OR Plasma TV

A few years ago, placing the television had no more mystery than putting it on the main piece of furniture in the dining room or on a side table already designed for this purpose. However, these types of pieces of furniture have lost all prominence today due to the appearance of plasma or LCD flat screen TVs.

Logically, the arrival of these televisions in our lives has brought nothing but advantages. Just focusing on the decorative aspect, we can say that the new televisions are much more aesthetic and take up less space, having the option of using a piece of furniture if the screen has a support or without a piece of furniture to put it on if it does not have a support or if it is you can remove it and we like it better that way. 

Of course, if you are not sure how to do it, in this article, we are going to give you a few ideas to hang an LCD or plasma flat screen TV. Do not miss how to do TV mounting!

How to hang a flat screen on the wall with the rear bracket

The new televisions, whether plasma or LCD screen, usually come with a system on the back to hang them on the wall and thus take up less space in the room where it will be located. Normally, instructions on how to assemble the system in question come in the box, so you only have to decide where to place the TV and hang it according to these instructions.

If when you bought the television it came without a rear bracket, you must get one compatible with the device that you can find in specialized appliance stores. Read the manual of your flat screen TV and compare the data. Use good quality plugs and screws and the screw holes provided on the bracket. Hire painting services Brooklyn to get best. And if you want the TV to be mobile, you will have to get an arm for the support that allows you to rotate it.

So that the cables are not seen

If you don’t want the cables to be seen, a good idea is to place the TV on a brick wall and place them all behind it. But if the idea of ​​​​hiding the cables behind the wall does not convince you, you can also place a piece of furniture or decorative objects in front so that the cables are not seen. Another good idea is to place a gutter in the color of the wall.

Panel cabinet, an original idea to hang a flat screen TV

Finally, we recommend that you opt for panel-type furniture, which will hang from the ceiling, and that you can find in different models: with shelves to place devices, with a complementary piece of furniture, rotating, static. King installation services, one of the leading manufacturers of television mounts, has a wide variety of models for all kinds of needs: fixed, mobile, to connect multiple screens.

Ask for advice from your trusted furniture store, they can even install it for you themselves, because if you don’t have much practice in DIY things at home it may be somewhat complicated.

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