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Five Healthy Homemade Fruit Snacks to Prepare in 10 Minutes

Fruits play a vital role in ensuring a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages. According to a study, every adult has to eat at least one and a half cups of fruits daily to get the desired nutrients. The above number tells us the need for fruits in our bodies. Experts also suggest that almost 20-30% of your diet portion should consist of fruit items. Fruits are a need for a healthy mind and body that often get sidelined. Kids and even adults hesitate to intake fruits because they are always running short of time. But understand that having a tight schedule does not mean you should ignore your health by not taking time out for snacks.

If you are still ignoring your daily fruit intake, then all you need is to think of a creative way to get the desired vitamins and fiber in your body. Fruit snacks are like natural candy that no one can resist. No, we are not talking about the canned fruit snack packets you can find in any undercounter fridge glass door of superstores. Canned and processed items are never a healthy option for your body. The high amount of sugar and artificial flavoring can satisfy your taste buds but cannot prove beneficial for your health. It is better to take some time out from your hectic routine and make something nutritious at home.

Making such snacks at home might seem a daunting task at first if you are running short on time. But the following snacks are uncomplicated and will require only ten minutes of your precious time. Homemade items are always healthy and can be a fun activity for you and your kids. You can use these fruit snacks as a lunch meal for your kids. Besides, you can alter the recipe of the snacks as per your liking. Read the below to find out the five healthiest fruit snacks you can prepare within 10 minutes.

  1. Roasted strawberries with vanilla

Are you tired of eating plain strawberries? If so, we present you with a delicious snack of vanilla roasted strawberries. Strawberries are a sweet treat for the summer season, and roasting them in sugar intensifies their flavor. For this snack, you can use fresh strawberries only and skip the frozen ones. You will need strawberries, granulated sugar, and vanilla bean.

  1. Chocolate and kiwi ice pops

Kiwi is a fruit with numerous health benefits, but many people do not like this fruit. That is why adding chocolate to your kiwi can change the whole flavor of this fruit. All it takes is to dip your kiwi slices in the chocolate, and you are ready for today’s snack. For the chocolate mixture, double boil any chocolate and add half a cup of coconut oil for extra flavor. Stick the kiwi slices on a stick. Dip the kiwi in the melted chocolate, let it cool down, and enjoy.

  1. Banana ice cream

Are you craving ice cream but do not want to compromise your health? Fret not, as we have the perfect solution for this problem. This one ingredient ice cream is all you need to take care of your fruit intake and satisfy your ice cream craving. Peel a few bananas and keep them in the freezer. After some time, take them out and put them in the food processor. Take the mixture and top them with your favorite add-ins.

  1. Frozen grapes

If you have never tried frozen grapes, you are missing something great. It is a simple recipe that does not require any peeling and cutting. Just add the grapes into your freezer, and you are ready to eat. Do not forget to add extra dips like whipped cream or chocolate. Furthermore, ready to use whipped cream could be added quickly and you can buy from any food mart’s refrigerator such as CombiSteel 7455.2110 rather than preparing it separately.

  1. Yogurt with berries and nuts

The last one is a super quick and healthy bowl you can make within five minutes. Take a bowl and add yogurt, chopped walnuts, honey, berries, and walnuts.

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