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5 Benefits Of Having A Talent Consultancy

Adding the support of a talent consultancy to your business, company or enterprise is one of the most efficient, flexible and modern ways to scale to your full potential, with good organizational practices and without overspending.

A talent consultancy, such as talent place, is not a recruitment agency, but an ally that helps you get more out of the new forms of hiring in the 4.0 economy , such as employee sharing, Interim Management, Scrow employment, ICT- based mobile work and hybrid teams in general. 

Expanding companies, especially in the United States and Europe, are taking more and more time to find collaborators with the exact skills that fit their requirements, and this entails high associated costs, both in hiring and delays. Especially in the IT categories, the fight for qualified talent to handle highly complex projects is so intense that more and more platforms are appearing to help companies find them. 

But this problem is not only affecting large companies. In fact, one of the most frequent inconveniences that delays the growth of small and medium-sized companies with high potential is not finding specialized , available and experienced professionals to help them take that step they need to digitize, expand their market and/or or streamline your processes.

5 advantages that a remote talent consultancy offers you Latin American remote talent is gaining more and more ground among international employers thanks to the high quality of their work and the more affordable costs in the region, but the demand continues to be higher than the supply, and also remote hiring requires a process comprehensive certification of skills that companies often do not have the time or resources to carry out.

It is precisely in this context that talent consultancies are beginning to take the lead in human resource management, as they adapt both to the competitive requirements of companies and to the new forms of hiring that are permeating international talent.

1.- Agility

The main advantage is that a talent consultancy with more than a decade operating in the IT talent market and other freelance professionals is that it has a huge database of qualified experts, with proven skills and who have been choosing to work for many years. Remotely as project partners, and not as dependent employees. 

If you are modernizing or expanding your business, a talent consultancy is already familiar with several processes that may be new to your company, precisely because it has already helped many others achieve similar goals. 

For all of the above, the time in which you begin to come into contact with 100% viable candidates and adapted to what you need is much less than if you search for them by traditional methods.

2- Savings

Talent consultancies focus on meeting the needs of your company in the most efficient way possible, and currently that means remote and project hiring. Companies are saving a lot of money not only with the new schemes in which labor relations are more horizontal, but this also helps them save costs in physical work spaces.

3.- Focused skills

The IT category is becoming so diversified that it has become difficult to find generalized profiles that work as a one size fits all. Talent consultancies, instead of investing resources in finding a single profile that has everything you need, focus on finding the skills your project needs and putting them at your service according to your current budget.

Another of the great advantages of advising yourself with a talent consultancy is that they will only put you in contact with professionals who can demonstrate their expertise and who are used to working under the model that favors you.

4.- Risk reduction

One of the worst headaches for companies is the dismissal, either voluntarily or due to dismissal, of a collaborator, not only because of the costs involved but also because of the difficulties that may arise and because of the whole process of looking for a job again replacement. 

A talent consultancy allows you to always have options available to give continuity to your operation without being hindered by a separation. 

5.- Partner mentality

The professionals you recruit with a talent consultancy do not see themselves as employees, but rather as experts in their area of ​​expertise who have much to contribute to various companies on an equal footing, and who rarely want to be “tied” to one in particular dependency condition, but instead seek to build solid, long-term relationships.

This new mindset has proven to be much more efficient in terms of productivity and encourages goals to be achieved in record time. 

Remember that it’s not just small startups and sprawling midsize companies that are starting to take advantage of a talent consultancy, but also the likes of Uber, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, and Malaysia Airlines, to name just a few.

At talent place we are ready to listen to you and put you in contact with qualified professionals who have exactly those skills you are looking for to take the next step and continue climbing.

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