Customer Service Complaints

Strategies To Reduce Repetitive Customer Service Complaints

The evolution of technology increases the possibilities that consumers have to access customer service lines. These tools, including the Internet and various mobile devices, create high expectations in consumers, which cannot always be met by the organization’s call center, generating repetitive complaints, a main indicator of customer dissatisfaction.

Reducing complaints in Customer Service then becomes a priority for the organization, which of course wants to preserve the image of the brand and continue working with its current customers.

We tell you what strategies to follow to reduce complaints in Customer Service:

Identify repetitive complaints

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is a fundamental tool to achieve this goal. Accurately determining recurring complaints is the first step the organization must take to resolve the problem. Repetitive complaints have the same solution and, therefore, it is possible to establish a clear policy that must be adopted by the Customer Service Department.

The training of the agents who serve the various Customer Service lines is an essential part of this strategy.

Agent training in problem solving

To reduce Customer Service complaints, the responsible agents must have the capacity and ability to resolve these issues. This is achieved through training and coaching. Implementing problem-solving workshops is effective in helping agents have the necessary information and tools to serve customers in a more satisfactory way.

Have sufficient and immediate information

Many repetitive claims seek to obtain some type of information. Although it seems like an easy matter to solve, it is not if the agent does not have all the necessary information. The construction of accessible databases for Customer Service agents, which are fed daily, with the daily experiences of the call center, is an efficient way to reduce a good number of repetitive claims.

Flexibility in attention times

For many Customer Service agents, the timer becomes an enemy. The high number of calls, and the number of complaints and claims, require that as little time as possible be devoted to customer service. If the agents have time pressure on them, it will be difficult for them to provide quality service to the customer on the call.

Solve the claim on the first call

One way to extend customer service time on the call, as we noted in the previous item, is to offer a solution in a single call. Postponing the solution, over several calls, creates dissatisfaction, even if the final result is the solution of the problem. Fewer calls, allows more time to be allocated to each claim.

Anticipate the resolution of claims

We have already talked about the great utility of an efficient CRM system. Well, this tool also allows us to predict the claims that will be presented in the near future, and thus, design strategies that allow us to give a solution to the complaint, as soon as the client expresses it, providing an excellent opinion to consumers.

Multiple channels support

The telephone is not the only channel to deal with complaints in Customer Service. The possibility of accessing customer service chats, or communicating through Facebook, or Mail, are also efficient options for resolving complaints and claims. However, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of each of these channels, the organization must be prepared to migrate the claim from one channel to another immediately.

Customer Self Service

It is possible to reduce repetitive Customer Service complaints by implementing a frequently asked questions section on the organization’s website. The content of this section comes from the identification of repetitive claims that we have determined in the first strategy of this report. Many customers will find the solution to their problem in this section, and will not resort to the Customer Service channels.

Dissatisfaction with Customer Service services causes a little more than 21% of consumers to decide to change brands. Hence the importance of defining effective strategies to reduce the number of repetitive complaints, and increase the number of solutions to satisfaction through Customer Service channels.

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