LEGO Art World Map Review

What wasn’t made with LEGO bricks? Not much. Latest creation from gaming giant, LEGO, a map of the world. And besides, with 11,695 bricks, it is now the biggest set of all time, even if the bricks that make it up are rather very small. It will take a lot of patience and meticulousness to compose this giant painting which is still extremely beautiful.

Not being subject to a license purchase (like Star Wars), the pack costs “only” €249.99.

In terms of size, we have a final rendering of 104*65cm. We first find an online offer from June 1 before making it available in stores from August 1.

The building instructions explain how to arrange the 40 baseplates, divided into three sections, so you can choose between three different layouts and put your favorite part of the world at the center of the map. On this 65 cm high and 104 cm wide map, the oceans can also be built according to everyone’s desires. The bricks can be assembled in such a way as to respect the topography of the seabed, or in a more free way by exploring other patterns and arrangements. 

Note that customizable LEGO brick pins can be used to mark destinations already visited, or indicate those on your bucket best LEGO Technic sets list.

In addition, a soundtrack, composed of stories from travel specialists, was recorded to accompany the construction of this map and make it even more immersive. The soundtrack includes stories from bloggers and adventurers like Torbjørn C. Pedersen, the first person to visit every country in the world on a single trip without ever flying, and blogger Syazwani Baumgartner, who visited some of the most isolated places on the planet. Finally, this new set is accompanied by a beautiful instruction book, a white brick frame and two suspension elements, to facilitate the display, disassembly and reconstruction of the card at will.

Fiorella Groves, designer LEGO Art explains: “We know that our adult fans love to travel, but for a year most of them have not been able to leave. It’s our way of inviting them to explore the world while staying at home; allowing them to build, rebuild, imagine, and relive their memories as they assemble their own map. We hope the LEGO Art World Map will inspire some new adventures, and help others remember their greatest journeys. »

Do you dream of creating your own card? You can with the LEGO® Art World Map (31203). This LEGO set, the biggest ever, allows you to make one of the 3 cards available. Express your creativity

Showcase your creativity with this reinterpretation of a classic world map. Take inspiration from the included ideas or place the oceans in a more personal way. The continents can be moved to emphasize one of the 3 sections of the world. Personalize your card further by indicating LEGO Art World Map.

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