How To Get The First Followers On Instagram?

If you recently created an Instagram account for your company or business, and you are worried about the process of getting your first followers, you can rest easy because this task is usually simpler than you imagine. From we share with you some tips to get the first followers of your company’s Instagram account.

1. Fill in your profile information

This information adds value to your social network, it is also more attractive for the user to follow an account that, in addition to the name of the company, has a good profile image, a brief description of the business, and, if possible, the link to another of your social networks or website.

2. Follow your customers and friends

It does not matter that your network, initially, is from your close circle; the important thing is that you start. Keep in mind that if you are constant, your network of contacts will grow.

3. Post interesting content

An account with interesting posts is more attractive than one that is empty or has little activity. Do not just limit yourself to sharing information that other accounts have generated or that only talk about your brand, rather encourage yourself to create your own quality and useful content for your users.

4. Follow people related to your target audience

Following other users and interacting with them is another option to get your first followers. By doing so, they will be able to notice your presence and most likely decide to follow your account as well.

5. Use hashtags

When you use them, you increase the chances of getting followers interested in your business without the need to search for them. For example, if you have a cell phone store, make a post with the hashtag #iPhone6, this way when a user searches for iPhone6 ​​on Instagram they will find your post.

6. Showcase your Instagram

By including the button, icon or link of your Instagram, on your website or in the other social networks where you have an active presence, you have the possibility of gaining more followers.

7. Actively participate

Do not open your account just to say that you have one, you must publish and participate regularly within the platform to create empathy with your users.

In the end, the important thing is that you renew yourself and that you try different strategies to attract new followers, not only on Instagram, but on all the social networks where your company is present. The best companies such Goread will provide you real followers and likes and you can buy from them..

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