Entrance Mats To Hotels- Why They're More Than Just Floor Coverings?

Entrance Mats To Hotels- Why They’re More Than Just Floor Coverings?

Branded mats can do much more than simply cover a surface in restaurants or hotels. Commercial mats are key to creating a warm and memorable environment. Guests must feel welcome as soon they enter a hotel. The right entrance mats enhance your brand and leave a lasting impression.

What are the benefits of logo mats in hotels?

Branded towels are not just for hotel guests. Here are some other benefits.

Enhanced safety/hygiene

Branded mats can keep your floors drier in rainy weather. This will make it much less likely that guests slip and trip, especially if they are elderly or vulnerable. These incidents are the most common cause of hotel-based accidents. As many as 70% occur on even surfaces.

Commercial mats retain dirt and water

Hotel hygiene and cleanliness are essential considerations. High-end establishments have high standards of hygiene. It’s easy for dirt to seep into buildings and get spread about, which is why it is important to clean your premises more frequently.

Enhanced atmosphere and stronger branding

Ambience is the perfect combination of service and environment. It’s how your customers feel in your restaurant or hotel. All of these aspects must work together.

It’s important to be consistent. This means that customers see your logo mats in the entrance hall, then they see it on the menus or in the rooms. It’s a feeling which is further reinforced each time someone stays in your hotel and eats at you restaurant.

Branded matting reinforces the name of your establishment. It brings it up in the minds of your customers as they leave or enter your premises. People will quickly wonder what other problems the place might have if they see a matting or entranceway that isn’t clean and neat. Smart, clean, and well-maintained flooring will inspire confidence. They can reflect the values and messages you want to convey. The message can be updated over time, if necessary, to mark special anniversary celebrations, such as updating your custom logo mats.

Branding is essential in a competitive marketplace such as hospitality. The brand should be trusted from the moment they arrive.

If the rest is neutrally tones, then vibrant logo entrance mats can add warmth.

Providing a welcoming environment for visitors

Guests staying at hotels are often far away from home. When done well, logo entry mats convey a feeling if safety and welcome, and a feeling that the guest is at home.

A welcome mat with the word “welcome”, in various languages on it can help to create a feeling of warmth and welcome. This is a great way to draw people’s attention and stimulate their curiosity.

Why should we share the floor with the competition?

Ultimate mats offers a range of floor coverings that can be used in hotels and restaurants. Choose us option to get regular waterhog mats cleaning and new products at the best time for your needs.

We’ve worked with many high-end hotel brands and private establishments. We have created many custom products over the years, including entrance mats that can be customized to fit any brand’s needs. Plus, next-day delivery is completely free.

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